Institutes and Centers

Center on Teaching and Learning
CTL uses scientific evidence and research-based practices to advance teaching and student learning. Its content and instructional design experts have developed a suite of evidence-based literacy, math, and early science interventions with a special focus on grades K-3 and struggling learners.

Innovate Collaborate Oregon (ICO)
ICO allows Oregon universities to collaborate with entrepreneurs, companies and the business community to ensure that ideas generated by faculty, students, and staff reach the private sector to create products and services to benefit the global community.

Institute of Molecular Biology
IMB is a thriving research institute that is a highly collaborative, integrated group where physicists, chemists, and biologists work together to dissect the molecular underpinnings of living organisms.

Materials Science Institute
The purpose of the Materials Science Institute is to study the structure and properties of materials, to educate in the sciences of materials, and to serve Oregon as a resource in these sciences.

Prevention Science Institute 
The Prevention Science Institute works to improve the lives and well-being of at-risk children, individuals, and families, especially by focusing on translational neuroscience, prevention and intervention, and implementation science.

Tyler Invention Greenhouse 
The Tyler Invention Greenhouse focuses on green, or sustainable, chemistry and the creation of environmentally sensitive goods and services.